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Anxiety Counseling Near Me, Brian Mayer LCSW

Tell Your Anxiety Who's the Boss

Empowering You in Counseling to Relieve Stress, Worry and Take Charge of Life

Anxiety Counseling services In Richmond, Virginia with Brian Mayer, LCSW. 
In person or virtual options available.

Do You Struggle with Anxiety, Stress, and Lack of Focus?

It's Okay to Not Be Okay

Your whole life you have been trained by society, fathers, friends, and and your spouse to be strong.   And if you don't feel strong especially emotionally, that we are taught to either fake that we are okay, hide that we are not okay, or to overcome by some sheer will of force.  Unfortunately this type of thinking only tends to increase things like anxiety, stress, worry, depression, lack of self confidence and lack of self esteem.  

I am letting you know that it is completely common and normal to not feel yourself.  Knowing that is the first step in feeling better.  Acceptance of where you are can be so incredibly empowering to help you feel inside the way you have been conditioned to appear on the outside.  

So What Shall We Do?

We are often taught to simply figure things out on our own.  It's understandable, because we are often taught to be this way from an early age.  This means we think we can think our way through anything.  Or that we can "tough something out" or use our willpower to force a change.  Maybe that can work for some things, but if the stress, worry, anxiety, depression, lack of focus have been engrained then you probably need additional help.  

I can tell you first hand, I have gotten the help I need several times in counseling.  There is no shame in that.  

Counseling for Anxiety, Stress and Worry with Me, Brian Mayer LCSW

If you would like a safe space to explore working to reduce stress, anxiety, worry and how that it is affecting your work, life, and relationships, then LET's GET STARTED TODAY.  

I will be your guide as we walk together to week by week elevate you to a better place.  A place where you have more peace, relaxation, and confidence.  Once you get those back, you can honestly accomplish just about whatever you want.

Feel free to click on the button below to book a session now.  

Counseling Services in Richmond, VA

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Adult ADHD Testing

Ever wonder if you have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder also known as ADHD?  ADHD Testing will help you understand more about things like inattention, hyperfocus, and impulsivity.  From there you and I will collaborate on your best path forward.

If you would like to find out if ADHD is an issue, schedule an appointment for Adult ADHD Testing in Richmond, VA today.  

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Anxiety Counseling

Get Relief from Stress and Worry with Anxiety Counseling by learning techniques and tools that can ease feeling nervous, restless, and tense. We will work to balance your thoughts, process your emotions, and implement behavioral changes to help rewire your brain to react in a healthier way.

Appointments available now for Anxiety Counseling in Richmond, VA. 

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Career Counseling Package

Ready to change careers.  If you are feeling stressed, burned out, or bored then it might be time for a change.  With this Career Counseling package you will discover more about how your personality. skills, and strengths aling with various career fields.  Don't be like me and wait 10 years to do this.  Get started today.  

As with all services, Premarital Couples Counseling in Richmond, Virginia is local.  


Anxiety Counseling near me Brian Mayer LCSW 9601 Gayton Road Richmond VA 23238 Counseling office in Richmond Virginia
Anxiety Counseling near me Brian Mayer LCSW 9601 Gayton Road Richmond VA 23238 Counseling office in Richmond Virginia

About Brian

You might be surprised to know that I used to let fear, worry, stress, and anxiety run my life.  The fear and worry started as social anxiety and then eventually turned into generalized anxiety where worry and stress were present in many areas of my life.  Over time I worked to think in new ways and since then I feel much more in control of how I react to all parts of my life.


When I overcame these issues, I decided to make it my life mission to help others gain this same freedom these and other issues.  So after 20 years of working the corporate world, I left to fulfill my calling as a therapist to help people like you.  Offering Counseling and Coaching services in Richmond, VA gives me great joy when I see my clients finally break free from the weight of worry, stress, and anxiety and other things holding them back to achieve more of their life's calling.  


Consider it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds, because the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  Let perseverence finish its work so that you will be mature and complete, not lacking anything.  James 1:2-4

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