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Start Anxiety Counseling Today to Get Your Life Back 

Are you worried, stressed, restless, fatigued, and tense?  Do you have sleep issues, racing thoughts, avoidance, and negative thinking?  It could be Anxiety.   

Brian Mayer, LCSW specializes helping clients reduce Anxiety to feel more calm and confident.

  • Self pay $135 per session or

  • Anthem Insurance options available

  • In person or virtual options are available. 

  • Located at 9601 Gayton Road Richmond, VA 23238.

  • Collaborative Approach where we work together to find what works for you

  • Lots of tools and strategies to change negative thinking, regulate emotions, bring calm to the mind and body, and change the way you interact with outside stressors.   

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Anxiety Counseling in Richmond, VA 
with Brian Mayer LCSW

One of my specialties is helping my clients discover if Anxiety is holding them back.  I want to do the same for you.  With my help you can better understand and do something about worry, stress, fear, general anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, panic disorder, and OCD Inattention, 

It is super easy to schedule with me.  Often I can get you booked for an appointment the same week you request it.  Most of my clients say that even after just one session they start to feel better.

What past Anxiety clients have said

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